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Welcome! We hope you find this site to be an informative, convenient way to learn about and purchase your own miniature zebu.

Welcome to our official website, and the place where folks like you can learn more about our fantastic miniature zebu cattle.

Our farm is proud to be the home of a very special miniature zebu named Blaze, who is truly the world’s smallest cow.  Standing at just 26 inches tall (fully mature), Blaze is being submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records to blow away the current record holder, who stands over 30 inches tall.

It is an incredible honor for our farm to be home to the world’s smallest cow, and to know that these amazing genetics are being carried in our animals.  Both of Blaze’s parents are in our herd, and almost every miniature zebu calf we sell carries the same DNA as Blaze.

We hope that you consider buying mini cows from us, (click here to see miniature zebu for sale) and becoming a member of our extended family.  We will help and support you in any way we can with your new mini zebu pets. Miniature Zebu cattle have become an endearing hobby for us.  These rare and gentle creatures have much to offer and require little in return. Please take the time to explore our site, learn more about miniature cows, and Contact Us if you have any questions.