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We're glad you're here! All of our animals are registered foundation pure with the IMZA. If needed, we can deliver the animals you purchase nationwide. Discounts are available for multiple-animal purchases.  If you have any questions about the zebu you see here, we would love to give you more information. Want more pictures? We can do that too! Call us with your questions: 407-509-9069



If you enjoy the red colored zebu, this cow is a classic specimen.  She has good size, conformation, symmetrical horns, and that vibrant rich red color.  Her name is Opal.  She is currently exposed to our 34" fantastic paint bull Picaso.  We can deliver nationwide if you'd like to add Opal to your herd.

D/O/B: 5/7/14, Height: 35 inches, IMZA Foundation Pure



This cow is the daughter of a red bull named Spanky who won numerous championships being shown around the country.  Her name is Gracie, and as you can see she is a great looking, well-built cow.  She has a moon-shadow color pattern where you can see the darker grey paint and spot patterns over her white base coat.  She is dehorned and  would be a great addition to any breeding herd.  Gracie is currently running with our 34" spotty paint bull Picaso.  We can deliver nationwide if you'd like to add Gracie to your herd.

D/O/B: 3/20/12, Height: 34 inches, IMZA Foundation Pure



Apollo (bull calf) was born mid-July. Call or email for price.



Where do I start with this special bull?? The black & white color pattern is so highly sought after right now, these animals sell as soon as they hit the ground. The down side is that most of the black & white zebu originate from Hatch Farms or Twister, which was a breeding experiment where zebu were crossbred with longhorn & watusi in order to get fancy colors. Getting those flashy black spotty patterns in the pure mini zebu, out of original bloodlines like Swede or Komoko is much more difficult - I might even say super rare. We spent a bundle to buy one of the only pure Swede line black & white zebu I've ever seen from the amazing Judy Rohner, one of the original zebu breeders in the U.S.  This cow has produced some black & white offspring for us, and even more exciting are the tri-colors that have come out of her line. We have a bull calf available right now that is all class - he is out of the Rohner's Swede lines on the dam side and out of the old bloodlines of Heiken's Ark on the sire side. He is tri-color, as is his dam, being white, chestnut brown, and black. We are planning to keep him as a future breeding bull unless somebody really really wants him. How often do you see a paint tri-color zebu like this? Not only is the color pattern super rare, but to get it from pure Swede lines with bloodlines coming from Rohner and Heiken makes this bull very special. If anybody is looking for a special anchor bull to build their herd around, this may be the one you've been looking for.  

IMZA Foundation Pure bull.



Does size matter? In the world of miniature zebu, a lot of folks would say yes. For those who know our breeding program, we have a couple of projects we're working on. In part of our herd, we are working on developing some great, flashy colored up animals that really stand out. On the other side of our program, we have some of the smallest miniature zebu genetics in the world and are working to develop some micro lines of zebu cattle. Bullet comes our of our micro size breeding program and is sired by one of our fantastic 28" red Swede bulls (a true 28 inch bull). His dam is a little 31" cow. Not only is Bullet a tiny little guy, he's got the genetics on both sides to both stay small and produce small offspring. If small size is a priority to you, Bullet may be just the right bull for you. 

IMZA Foundation Pure bull.

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