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We're glad you're here! All of our animals are registered foundation pure with the IMZA. If needed, we can deliver the animals you purchase nationwide. Discounts are available for multiple-animal purchases.  If you have any questions about the zebu you see here, we would love to give you more information. Want more pictures? We can do that too! Call us with your questions: 407-509-9069

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If you enjoy the red colored zebu, this cow is a classic specimen.  She has good size, conformation, symmetrical horns, and that vibrant rich red color.  Her name is Opal.  She is currently exposed to our 34" fantastic paint bull Picaso.  We can deliver nationwide if you'd like to add Opal to your herd. Opal is $1800.

D/O/B: 5/7/14, Height: 35 inches, IMZA Foundation Pure



This cow is the daughter of a red bull named Spanky who won numerous championships being shown around the country.  Her name is Gracie, and as you can see she is a great looking, well-built cow.  She has a moon-shadow color pattern where you can see the darker grey paint and spot patterns over her white base coat.  She is dehorned and  would be a great addition to any breeding herd.  Gracie is currently running with our 34" spotty paint bull Picaso.  We can deliver nationwide if you'd like to add Gracie to your herd. Gracie is $1800.

D/O/B: 3/20/12, Height: 34 inches, IMZA Foundation Pure



SOLD! - This cow carries a flashy red/white paint pattern and meets all the criteria to be a great addition to a herd.  Her name is Belle.  She is IMZA Foundation Pure with her adult Registration in hand, she is 34" tall, and she was born 7/4/10.  She's got deep Swede roots on both sides of her line and will certainly add color to any breeding program.  She is currently exposed to our 34" handsome paint bull Picaso.  We can deliver nationwide if you'd like to add Belle to your herd.



Daisy is super friendly and comes from excellent genetics. She is our herd matriarch and one of my good buddies in the pasture. Daisy comes from a little known, early branch of the Swede line. From one of the original Swede bull calves a line went to Sadler Place Farms. From this original line was born a 32 inch bull named Splash who looked like a red spotted dalmatian. Splash possessed amazing paint coloration before long before most breeders had even seen, much less been able to produce, such flashy coloration. Daisy is one of his calves and has some of his spotting while carrying all of his genetics.  She is 13 years old. If bloodline purity & early Swede genetics are valuable to you, adding her and her calves to your herd can offer a great improvements. She is currently exposed to our fantastic paint bull Picaso. Daisy is $1200.

D/O/B: 6/8/05, Height: 36 inches, IMZA Foundation Pure



SOLD! - Bolt is a painted bull sired by Picaso. His dam is Gracie. He is red and white paint in color and has a small white lightning bolt shape on both sides of his body.  He would be a great addition to any herd.  Bolt is $750. 

D/O/B: 9/2/18, IMZA Foundation Pure



SOLD! - Raven is a young heifer calf with dark coloring. She will likely turn black as she matures. Call for price.



Sandy is a gorgeous red and white heifer calf sired by Picaso.  Her dam is Daisy which makes Sandy a calf out of the rare Splash bloodline, an early branch of the Swede line. Sandy is the smallest heifer we had this season and is one of my favorites. She is very calm and trusting and has a naturally friendly personality. If you are looking for a healthy, colorful heifer to add to your herd that brings great temperament and genetics, Sandy could be the one you've been waiting for.  Sandy is $2000.

D/O/B: 12/20/18, IMZA Foundation Pure


Red bull calf

SOLD! - Renegade is a rockstar red bull calf sired by Picaso. His dam is a solid red cow named Opal. He is small and muscular and has all the masculinity you could want in a bull. Renegade is $600.

D/O/B: 11/12/18, IMZA Foundation Pure

All sales are final and deposits are non-refundable.